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Atlanta Mold Testing Service | Phoenix One Restoration

There is only one company you should trust to handle all your Atlanta mold testing and remediation needs. Phoenix One Restoration is OSHA licensed and insured to take on all residential and commercial mold testing and remediation jobs in Atlanta and the surrounding North Georgia areas. With over 30 years of experience, Phoenix One Restoration will remove any harmful mold or pathogen growth or your money back. Call now and get FREE post-remediation mold testing with any remediation job!


Whether you have water damage to your home or commercial space or suspect elevated levels of humidity may be breeding mold, Phoenix One Restoration will be there to not only test for elevated levels of mold but complete the mold remediation process and bring safety back to your home or commercial space. We service all of Metro Atlanta & North Georgia with Mold Testing services and will work with your insurance company to ensure that your Mold Testing experience is quick, accurate, convenient, and stress-free.

Mold is everywhere and can grow on virtually any substance as long as oxygen and moisture are present. Often after you conduct mold testing, a simple mold removal process is often not enough to solve mold problems in your home unless the infected area is small and well contained. It is important to note that many types of mold spores are generally harmless until they settle on a damp area and begin to grow and reproduce into active mold. If you don’t get out in front of the problem, mold can quickly reproduce and spread through the air in your HVAC system to other areas of your house where moisture is present and cause great risk to not only your property but also present a serious health hazard


When you suspect Mold in your home or commercial space in Atlanta Georgia, call the trusted experts at Phoenix One Restoration. Mold, mildew, bacteria, and other pathogens can begin growing in as little as 24 hours and will continue growing throughout your home or commercial space until the remediation process is completed. Our certified technicians are IICRC certified and will be on location and begin assessment and mitigation steps in under one hour guaranteed.


Why Get a Mold Test?

In Atlanta Mold Testing can be needed for a variety of reasons whether it's a health concern or for peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why we're called for mold testing in Atlanta Georgia:


  • Visible Growth

  • Strange Odors

  • Recent Water Damage

  • Health Complications

  • Peace of Mind

  • Real Estate Transactions 

Air Sampling

Air Quality Testing or "Spore Trap Analysis"​ is often used as the primary form of mold testing when testing indoor mold levels. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology to get an accurate and timely result which involves taking samples from different spaces in your home or business to determine what species of mold is present in your home or business against an "outdoor baseline" air sample. This often only tells a piece of the puzzle as heavier molds such as Stachybotrys or Chaetomium Globosom rarely show up on air testing. These heavier molds are known to be extremely toxic and cause major health issues so its important to exhaust all avenues in testing to rule out any serious health hazards

Surface Sampling


Surface testing, or source testing, gives us a more accurate view of your current mold situation. We use the Hygiene SystemSURE PLUS ATP Measurement system for surface testing which allows faster than ever turnaround times for our customers.  We take samples from areas of visible suspect growth to validate the presence of mold, determine spore counts, and identify the genera of mold. Using this method of testing along with Spore Trap Analysis is incredibly important because it may reveal concentrations of mold that have not yet become airborne. 

Residential Housing Complex

Suspect Mold?

Get a free quote from a licensed IICRC-certified restoration expert near you.

Our Mold Testing Process

Our sample analysis follows analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association(AIHA) & the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists(ACGIH). We guarantee results within 24-48 hours, no matter the sample size, no matter the job. 

Schedule an Appointment:

Schedule an appointment at any time by calling us now! We will be on site within one hour after we are contacted on weekends, holidays, and late at night. 

Mold Inspection & Testing:

Our certified technicians will talk with the property owner about any areas they have seen mold or where there has been water damage or moisture problems in the past. Then we will conduct a inspection in and around your home or business to determine the areas that require testing and conduct proper testing to measure mold and spore growth to identify the areas that may require remediation. 

Mold Samples Sent To Independent Lab:

All samples are then sent to Pace Labs for independent lab testing to avoid conflict of interest and ensure you're getting unbiased, accurate, and fast results on the status of your air or surface sample quality. 


You will receive detailed results within 48 hours guaranteed including spore counts, genera of mold present, and areas most affected. Our Certified Indoor Environment Professionals will help you interpret lab results along with what was discovered from the visual inspection. You can log in at any time to check your mold test results online here.

Full Customer Support:

24/7, 365 our mold experts are on standby to answer any questions you may have and guide you with next steps to get your home or property back in safe conditions. 


1 Glenlake Pkwy NE Suite 650 & 700, Atlanta, GA 30328

Our Sandy Springs restoration office is located just off 400 & Abernathy Road NE. Ready and able to respond to any of your disaster needs.







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